Soufyan Lamdini creates art, live performances, and immersive experiences by merging digital media with real-world spaces. Through the synchronicity of design, technology, and spatial design, Lamdini's work reflects a deep curiosity about the world we live in, driven by futuristic methods of artistic storytelling.

Inspired by a profound fascination of future-leaning audiovisual experiences, Lamdini started this concept to experiment at the forefront of new media and real-time interaction.



Paradox 2.0 at TBA — Berlin '24
Peripheral Vision 2.0 at TBA —  Amsterdam 08-'24
Paradox 2.0 at TBA — Late '23
Peripheral Vision at TBA —  Late '23
Peripheral Vision at Radion  — Amsterdam 07-'23
Paradox at MONOM Studios — Berlin 11-'22